Before you Pick-Up a Brush


This video below is from our Towering Winds Archive and the information has been published in other courses. I know you just watched a video on materials but we felt there was more valuable knowledge in this presentation. if you are new to watercolor or you have been away from it this is a great place to start your watercolor adventure. I'm going to go over several things that will make your painting experience a good one – all in the comfort of your own studio.

I will talk about:

  • What is a good work surface for watercolor painting 
  • Exactly what is good lighting
  • How do I know if I have sufficient studio space
  • How to cut watercolor paper
  • Can I use dried watercolor pigment
  • How much paint do I place in my paint palette

Also, you can find more information on my website CLICK HERE. I'm always discoveries and updates. I have everything on one page so the information is easy to find. As I build this page I'll be adding more videos and blog posts. If you have any thoughts or questions leave me a note in the comments area of this page. 

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